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Xpor Life Science Natural Home Solutions gives homes and property owners and effective, long lasting, and environmentally sound solution for dealing with indoor contaminates.

Your #1 Mold Removal Service. Guaranteed

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You might not realize you have a mold problem until it begins to complicate your life. Mold spores drift undetected through ambient air, initiating a quiet infestation. They settle into wood, drywall, and other moist, porous surfaces, and they grow rapidly. Mold Spores establish a highly-invasive colony that damages your property, contaminates your air, and contributes to ongoing health problems.

At Natural Home Solutions, we manage your mold problems with quick-response testing and comprehensive mold cleanup services. We remediate mold infestations with EnzyCleanse, a highly-effective, affordable, organic solution. We work directly with concerned property owners, residents, and their representatives.

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Our Process


Our process starts with a comprehensive inspection. We look not only for signs of mold but most importantly the cause of the mold. Water penetration, moisture and uncontrolled humidity are typical causes of mold growth.


We treat all affected areas with EnzyCleanse to render any biological contamination inanimate. We encapsulate, heppa vacuum or use air scrubbers to clean the surfaces and the air of any remaining biological contamination.


We stand by our work and provide a two-year guarantee. If the elevated biological contamination returns, we will retreat all affected areas at no charge.

Natural Home Solutions

We Provide Quality Services

Our Team is committed to providing a quality experience for our commercial and residential clients. We address your mold concerns with personalized service, efficient testing, and chemical-free abatement solutions.

We use EnzyCleanse because it contains only ingredients found in nature and it meets our high performance standards.

Real Estate Brokers

We eliminate mold issues that can reduce a property’s value or disrupt a pending sale process. We help sellers comply with Connecticut, and Massachusetts disclosure and defect laws. We assist brokers in delivering the contaminant-free properties buyers demand.

Home Inspectors

Residential mold problems often remain unresolved until a home inspector discovers the contamination. When appropriate, we collaborate with home inspectors, providing fast remediation and mold cleaning services for their clients.

Mold Litigation Attorneys

As more courts deliver favorable mold litigation decisions, state insurance departments are overruling first-party and liability coverage denials. We provide testing and remediation to help lawyers document and present their cases for potential legal action.

Property Managers

When a tenant reports a potential mold problem, a property manager must act immediately. As the owner’s agent, a manager may share responsibility for mold-related illnesses and property damage.


A landlord may owe damages if mold prevents their property from meeting habitability standards. We take quick action on a landlord’s behalf. We test for mold and remediate contaminations as necessary.

About Us

At Natural Home Solutions, we perform mold testing and nontoxic, non-destructive remediation. We remediate mold using EnzyCleanse, a naturally-derived mold elimination solution. As one of only a few EnzyCleanse licensees in the region, we are proud to offer this safe, green alternative.
As mold often generates resident and employee health issues, clean up can become a time-sensitive issue.

We work closely with property owners, real estate professionals, and other parties of interest. We respond quickly, with on-site mold testing services. If we confirm an active infestation, we can eliminate it quickly and efficiently.

XSPOR Life Sciences

XSPOR scientists developed EnzyCleanse to fill a critical need for non-toxic mold abatement. Their innovative organic solution eliminates mold without harsh chemicals or consequential property damage. A network of dedicated EnzyCleanse licensees works directly with commercial and residential property owners and other parties at interest.


EnzyCleanse is XSPOR’s proprietary mold elimination formula. It’s a green formula that incorporates natural enzymes. Enzymes act as a catalyst that breaks down mold roots and spores. When applied as a fog of micro-droplets. This natural solution eliminates mold contaminations. EnzyCleanse continues working to prevent mold growth long after the treatment.

Why Use Natural Home Solutions

You want immediate action when you suspect a mold infestation, but you don’t want to add to your safety concerns. At Natural Home Solutions, our remediation process won’t release more contaminants into your environment. We offer a highly-effective, green alternative to traditional mold removal strategies.

  • We test for mold, and we document our results.
  • We perform cleanup using EnzyCleanse in a mist form that reaches visible and hidden mold.
  • Our non-destructive process eliminates mold within walls, crawl spaces, and other closed areas.
  • Our process does not release chemicals into your environment.
    We back our abatement services with a two-year guarantee.

When you contact us, we respond quickly. If we confirm mold contamination, we document our findings and address your problem with our natural remediation solution.