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Natural Home Solutions

About Us

At Natural Home Solutions, we are committed to keeping homes and businesses safe from mold contamination. We accomplish this essential goal by offering high-quality testing and remediation services for an economical price. We serve commercial and residential clients, and we willingly share knowledge that encourages people to strive for safe mold-free environments.

Our team is dedicated to safe, effective mold cleanup. We are also committed to safety. That’s why we conduct all sampling, testing, and remediation tasks using chemical-free, non-destructive methods. When we conduct mold cleanup operations, we use EnzyCleanse, an effective plant-based mold elimination solution.

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Our Services

When mold settles into an indoor space, it causes an ever-increasing range of contamination and harm. Mold diminishes air quality, sometimes causing resident and employee health issues. It eventually attacks interior surfaces, structures, and personal property, producing both visible and hidden damage. As mold colonies thrive, this destructive dynamic continues. That’s why we approach testing and remediation as a series of critical, time-sensitive steps.

Immediate response
Thorough inspection and testing
Air and surface sampling
Sample testing at an independent lab
Thorough lab analysis: mold confirmation, identification, source
Written documentation
Non-destructive, non-toxic cleanup
Two-year performance guarantee
Post remediation follow-up

Why Work With Natural Home Solutions

We are a team of dedicated professionals. We work hard to provide services that meet our clients’ needs, and we are committed to positive outcomes.

Strong Working Relationships

Our team works closely with homeowners, property professionals, real estate brokers, and mold litigation attorneys. We respond quickly, with on-site mold testing and sampling. We provide safe remediation services to eliminate contamination quickly and efficiently. We educate our clients about mold contamination prevention and detection strategies.

Professional Service

Our team handles each job professionally and courteously. We track and comply with federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. We meet local health department guidelines and certifications.

Remediation With EnzyCleanse by XSPOR Life Sciences

When we conduct mold remediation, we use only EnzyCleanse solution. It’s a non-toxic, non-destructive alternative to traditional mold remediation. EnzyCleanse effectively eliminates mold without relying on harsh chemicals or causing property damage. This innovative solution uses plant-based enzymes to break down mold roots and spores. We are proud to be one of the few EnzyCleanse licensees in the area.

Two-Year Performance Guarantee

When we treat mold with EnzyCleanse solution, it effectively eliminates mold contamination. It continues working to prevent further growth long after the application. We are so confident in its performance, we offer a two-year guarantee.

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For more information about Natural Home Solutions and our mold testing and remediation services, call us at 860-436-7021.