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Fast, Efficient Mold Testing Services

At Natural Home Solutions, we partner with home inspectors to provide fast, efficient mold testing services. As a home inspector, you are often the first person to encounter residential mold contamination. You may notice a moldy smell or mold damage during a routine buyer’s or seller’s inspection. If you don’t offer mold testing, your schedule is full, or you provide testing as an optional service only, we can conduct mold testing on your behalf.

Mold testing is important whether a family is buying, selling, or living in a residential property. A buyer or existing resident needs to feel confident that their home is safe and mold-free. A seller must confirm to a buyer that their home has no known issues. When we conduct mold testing services for home inspectors, we provide the information families need to comply with these responsibilities.

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Your Home Inspection Partner

When we work with home inspectors, we respond quickly to testing requests. We can provide supplemental services when you need them or respond directly to client referrals. We offer professional testing services that give homeowners, buyers, and sellers information that helps them make critical choices.


If we detect a mold problem, we present written confirmation outlining the problem. When appropriate, we offer affordable, non-destructive remediation options. We use EnzyCleanse, a safe, highly-effective organic solution.

Home Sellers

We provide professional testing to supplement pre-marketing inspection reports. If we detect contamination, provide comprehensive documentation. We can also perform necessary remediation without harming a property.

Home Buyers

We provide fast, natural testing and remediation options for buyers who require assurances that a property is mold-free.

Tests That Meet Your Client’s Needs

We perform mold tests based on the residential client’s requirements and the home inspector’s specifications. We offer ATP, Air, and Tape testing options.

ATP Testing

An APT test is an economical procedure that detects adenosine triphosphate on a surface. It simply confirms the presence of biological contamination. To positively identify the contaminant as mold, we must perform either an air or tape test.

Air Testing

We conduct air testing to confirm mold contamination. The samples we obtain also help determine the mold source. We send air samples to an independent lab for evaluation.

Tape Test

Tape tests provide the same comprehensive results we get from air testing. We also send our samples to an independent facility for testing.

Partner With Us

At Natural Home Solutions, we welcome the opportunity to provide professional mold testing for you and your clients. For more information about our inspection and testing services, contact us at 860-436-7021.