Mold Issues and Solutions


As a homeowner, you do what’s necessary to provide a safe haven for your family. This personal risk management process began before you purchased your home. You expected your residence to be free of biological contamination that could make you sick or cause property damage. You anticipated that your home inspector would warn you of potentially harmful conditions. You made sure your home was safe before you completed the closing process.

State laws and health department regulations support these health and safety expectations. A home seller must take steps to make sure a property is safe. They must confirm in writing that it’s free of harmful conditions. These protections fade once you’ve lived in your home for a while. Over time, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your home remains free of mold contamination and other adverse conditions.

At Natural Home Solutions, we conduct mold sampling, testing, and remediation services that help keep your family safe. We are dedicated to helping you manage your risk of mold-related illnesses and property damage.

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Mold Hides In Your

Mold contamination begins with microscopic spores too small to see with the naked eye. They float through the air, both indoors and outdoors, until they find the right conditions to grow. To begin and sustain their cycle of contamination, mold spores require moisture, humidity, and porous surfaces such as wood, fabric, and paper. These conditions occur under many circumstances.

Rain leakage through a damaged roof or window
Leaky pipes within walls and crawl spaces
Overflowing tubs, sinks, and toilets
Flood damage
Sewage backups

As mold grows, it gradually changes your indoor air quality. You might not realize there’s a problem until you notice a moldy odor or a family member becomes sick. Mold affects different people in different ways. It irritates the eyes, skin, and respiratory systems. It sometimes causes or worsens allergies and aggravates asthma.

Affordable Mold Testing and Remediation

If you suspect mold contamination in your home, we provide professional solutions to help you eliminate the problem.

Home Inspections: We inspect your home for visible signs of mold.

Sampling: We sample your home’s interior surfaces and air to detect biological contaminants.

Independent Lab Testing: If our initial sampling detects a biological contaminant, an independent lab conducts tests to confirm that it’s mold and determine its source.

Mold Remediation: When appropriate, we eliminate mold by fogging the affected areas using EnzyCleanse, a non-chemical solution.

Post-Treatment Inspection: After we clean up any mold contamination, we reinspect treated areas to ensure that your home is safe.

Natural, Effective Mold Cleanup With EnzyCleanse

Scientists at XSPOR Life Sciences developed EnzyCleanse using plant-based enzymes. As one of the few EnzyCleanse licensees in the area, we are proud to offer homeowners our innovative natural mold elimination process. We clean away mold by applying our solution in a fog of microscopic droplets. Unlike other mold remediation systems, our treatment is non-destructive, non-toxic, and safe for humans and pets.

Our Guarantee

We are so certain of EnzyCleanse’s long-term effectiveness, we give homeowners a two-year guarantee. If you experience mold regrowth within two years of the original cleanup, we inspect your home and evaluate the cause. If we are responsible, we retreat the affected areas for free.

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