Mold Issues and Solutions


A landlord is responsible for identifying and resolving unhealthy or unsafe conditions on their property. When a tenant complains about mold contamination, you must take the necessary steps to determine if there is a problem. If you confirm mold contamination, you have a duty to eliminate it and minimize the potential for illnesses and property damage.

When landlords fail to fix mold problems, they become more costly over time. When left unresolved, mold sometimes sickens tenants, especially those with existing respiratory issues. It often causes visible and hidden structural deterioration, and it can damage a tenant’s personal property. When residents file lawsuits to recover personal injury damages, courts often hold landlords legally liable for medical costs and other compensation.

At Natural Home Solutions, we provide timely solutions to minimize your risks of financial loss. We inspect and test your property to confirm the presence of mold. We provide efficient, safe remediation services to address contamination issues.

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Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation Services

When you contact Natural Home Solutions, our mold contamination experts respond immediately.

We inspect your building for visible signs of contamination.
We conduct an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test to detect microorganisms.
We conduct air and surface sampling.
We deliver samples to an independent laboratory for comprehensive testing.
Lab technicians analyze mold contamination, identify its type and source, and document their findings.
When you require mold cleanup, we use EnzyCleanse, an organic solution that’s safe for humans and pets.
When we test or treat a property for mold contamination, we take care to do the work professionally. We maintain compliance with current federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. We also ensure compliance with local health department guidelines and certifications.

Our Services Save Time and Money

Mold contamination often begins as an annoying odor but it can quickly transform into an ongoing financial drain. A large mold colony starts out as a tiny spore. Under the right conditions, it easily grows and becomes invasive. Mold often contributes to illnesses by contaminating indoor spaces and affecting ambient air quality. It settles into porous surfaces, often causing cosmetic as well as structural damage.

We offer services that help you maintain a safe environment. We also help you avoid financial losses due to property damage, liability claims, lawsuits and insurance subrogation claims.

Regular Testing

Mold spores grow quickly when they have enough moisture, warmth, and a porous surface. By the time a tenant notices a moldy odor, mold contamination already has the potential to cause harm. When we conduct regular testing, we can detect mold contamination early enough to prevent serious problems.

Timely Remediation

When our testing confirms mold, we minimize your losses by cleaning up the contamination as soon as possible. This reduces the potential for lawsuits and claims due to mold-related injuries and property damage

Up To Date Legal Information

We keep you informed by sharing the most recent changes in laws, health guidelines, and court trends. This is important because courts are ruling in favor of injured residents more frequently. We help you maintain compliance with changing trends to prevent financial losses from unanticipated legal actions.

Damage Avoidance

We help you avoid costly property repairs by implementing a system of early mold detection and remediation.

Mold Documentation

Sometimes a tenant’s negligent actions cause or contribute to mold contamination. When we test your property for mold, we identify the type of mold and the source. If a tenant caused the problem, we document their actions for potential legal defense.

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To learn more about mold contamination, remediation, and relevant legal issues, talk to an expert at Natural Home Solutions. You may reach us at 860-436-7021.