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Mold Litigation Attorneys

Environmental contamination victims don’t always recognize a mold problem during its early stages. Once they suspect mold-related illness or property damage, mold litigation attorneys often become involved in resolving their cases. As a mold litigation attorney, you need reliable evidence to evaluate and resolve every contamination case. Whether you represent an injured party or a defendant, we offer professional testing and analysis, and remediation services to support your case

At Natural Home Solutions, our mold testing services provide the guidance mold litigation attorneys need to assert and protect a client’s legal rights. As mold contamination experts, we assist your legal efforts by documenting mold contamination data and determining its source.

We inspect potentially contaminated residences or businesses. If we determine that a property is experiencing mold contamination, we use non-destructive testing procedures to confirm the type, the extent, and the source. Our efforts help preserve the critical evidence mold litigation attorneys need when presenting and resolving mold-related claims and lawsuits.

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Professional Mold Inspection and Testing

At Natural Home Solutions, we support mold litigation attorneys by providing reliable inspection and testing services.

Our experts inspect potentially contaminated areas.
We conduct ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing to confirm the presence of microorganisms.
When appropriate, we collect samples with Air or Tape tests.
An independent laboratory analyzes our samples.
The lab documents its findings in a comprehensive report.
When a lab technician confirms mold contamination, they identify the type and the source.
As with all of our mold contamination testing activities, we follow meticulous sampling and testing procedures. We comply with all national, state, and local professional standards and certifications.

Reliable Litigation

Whether your law firm represents plaintiffs or defendants, you require fast a response and reliable, accurate analysis. We tailor our services to address your professional needs. Our testing, analysis, and documentation provide information to help lawyers, insurance companies and courts make informed decisions on a range of mold contamination legal issues.

Warranty of habitability
Real estate disclosure requirements
Injury and property damage claims
Consequential mold damage claims
Insurance coverage exposure and manifestation issues
Insurer’s duty to defend
Commercial Self-Insurance and Excess coverage exposures
Courts have grown more receptive to these and other mold contamination issues. Whether you are presenting or defending a case, we provide meticulously documented evidence to help you prove your position.

Testing Services for Mold Litigation Attorneys

At Natural Home Solutions, we conduct professional testing and analysis using non-destructive testing methods only. We also perform natural, non-destructive mold remediation with EnzyCleanse, a safe, effective organic solution. For more information about our professional services, call us at 860-436-7021.