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Mold Issues and Solutions

Property Managers

As a property manager, you are a resident’s first contact for mold contamination complaints. You actively oversee property maintenance, security, and contractor activities. It’s often your duty to evaluate a problem and implement solutions. If you delay necessary remediation efforts, you may become legally responsible for mold-related illnesses or property damage. To help you stay ahead of contamination problems, we provide expert testing, analysis, and remediation services.

At Natural Home Solutions, we work closely with property managers to provide fast, reliable mold testing and remediation services. When you suspect a contamination problem, we provide guidance to help you address contamination issues.

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Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation Services

Our mold experts function as members of your management team. When you contact us, we respond as soon as possible to help you assess and resolve mold contamination complaints.

We inspect areas of concern for signs of contamination.
We perform ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to detect signs of microorganisms.

If a property shows signs of contamination, we perform Air Quality or Tape tests to collect air and/or surface samples.

An independent laboratory analyzes our samples.
Lab technicians provide a comprehensive written explanation of their findings.
If the lab confirms mold contamination, they determine the source and the type of mold.
If you require mold remediation, we eliminate contaminants with EnzyCleanse, a safe, effective organic solution.
When we test or treat a property for mold contamination, we comply with applicable government and health department standards and certifications.

Professional Testing is Essential

It’s impossible to prevent mold from growing. Microscopic mold spores constantly drift through the air both indoors and out. They require only moisture, warmth, and a porous surface to grow and thrive. Mold quickly spreads to wood, fabric, and other porous surfaces. It damages interior structures and decor and diminishes air quality, which sometimes causes illness.

When you manage a multi-unit property, you assume much of the responsibility for common area maintenance and upkeep. If a resident alleges that mold contamination injured them, you become a primary target for litigation. If you suspect contamination, our testing and remediation services allow you to prevent potentially adverse outcomes. You can identify and address contamination before an insurer or court decides that you’re liable for a resident’s injury or damage.

If a resident pursues litigation despite your best efforts, our professional testing process documents important evidence. It can also provide an expert opinion to help your attorney structure a defense.

Testing Helps Identify the Source

Mold often occurs when construction or repair operations allow moisture accumulation. When a pipe breaks or a sewage system backs up, it also promotes mold growth. These issues sometimes occur in common areas within a property manager’s control, but a resident can also be responsible for allowing mold to thrive.

Sometimes mold grows due to moisture from a resident’s overflowing sink, residential pets, or rain entering an open window. Inspection and testing help identify and document contamination sources. They provide definitive information that can help you defend potential liability claims or litigation.

We Help You Educate Residents About Mold

When residents understand how mold grows and contaminates their living spaces, they assume some of the responsibility for prevention and also for adverse outcomes. In addition to inspection, testing, and remediation services, we help educate residents and association members about mold and its consequences.

We explain how mold occurs and discuss its potential for injury and damage. We encourage mold prevention strategies and stress early reporting of suspected contamination.

Learn More About Mold Testing and Remediation

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