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As a commercial or residential real estate broker, you know that mold contamination can disrupt a property sale long before closing. Mold contamination can complicate any real estate transaction. It can make a desirable property seem less attractive or an asking price seem unreasonable. Traditional mold remediation can be costly and intrusive, but we offer a natural, economical alternative.

At Natural Home Solutions, we help real estate brokers protect buyers and sellers from health and economic challenges. We test and evaluate potentially contaminated environments and conduct natural, non-destructive mold remediation. Our services help eliminate closing disruptions and keep professional real estate outcomes on track.

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Inspection and Testing

When you contact us about suspected mold contamination, we respond immediately. Our inspector looks for visible signs of mold and conducts air and surface sampling and testing. We identify contaminated areas and determine the extent of any mold growth. When we complete our assessment, our written report explains our findings and helps you guide your client’s next steps.

Professional Mold Remediation Service

Unlike traditional mold cleanup services, we don’t destroy contaminated areas and structures to eliminate a mold infestation. We use EnzyCleanse, a plant-based enzyme cleaner developed by XSpor Life Sciences. We treat contaminated areas using a fog of surface-penetrating micro-droplets. The process works quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t destroy property or produce VOCs that harm humans and pets.

Post-Remediation Inspections

After we clean up any mold contamination, we conduct a follow-up inspection. This allows us to confirm that our treatment was successful and that we eliminated any active mold. We visually inspect treated areas and also test for spores. If any mold survived the EnzyCleanse remediation, our timely inspection allows us to eliminate remaining contamination and prevent regrowth.

Our Guarantee

We believe that it’s essential to have confidence in the testing and remediation service you recommend. At Natural Home Solutions, we are so confident in EnzyCleanse’s long-term effectiveness we offer a transferable, two-year guarantee. If we confirm mold regrowth during the guarantee period, we don’t charge to retreat affected areas.

Long-Lasting Commercial and Residential Protection

Mold remediation is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Whether we treat residential or commercial property, we take the challenge seriously.

  • We comply with state, local, and Environmental Protection Agency standards.
  • We obtain any required permits and certifications.
  • Only trained, experienced professionals conduct our testing and remediation tasks.
  • We follow appropriate remediation procedures and guidelines.
  • We keep people and pets safe during testing and remediation operations.

At Natural Home Solutions We Provide Answers

Mold contamination issues can arise at any point during the listing and marketing process. As a real estate agent or broker, you may become aware of a potential problem during a pre-listing assessment, after a buyer’s inspection, or during a final walk-through before closing.

It often becomes your responsibility to initiate sensitive discussions about mold remediation. At Natural Home Solutions, we tailor our services to provide the informed answers and safe, effective solutions you need.